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Professional Development

Below are professional development opportunitites I have pursued during my educational years.


UH School of Theatre and Dance 24 Hour Play Festival

I participated as an Assistant Director for one of the 4 groups devising a 10-15 minute short play for the festival.


Luis Muñoz - 
UIL Theatrical Design Contest Workshop

Luis Muñoz presented on the design contest and its benefits for your theatre program and students.

TxETA TheatreFest - 
Demond Wilson, The Text, the Character, and the Self

Demond Wilson gave a presentation on the UIL process as he did it. One of his main points is giving students the reigns of the production and providing them with the tools to succeed.

TETA image.jpg

Adam Noble -
Intimacy Workshop

Adam Noble presented his experience and the growing use of intimacy direction. He went over the 5 pillars of intimacy direction, consent, and communication. 


Houston Arts Partners Conference:
Courtney J. Boddie

Courtney J. Boddie presented a workshop on ensemble building through the use of improv techniques.


Frank Chuter -
Meisner Workshop

Frank Chuter presented a workshop on the process of teaching Meisner in high school and what steps to take to make sure your students understand the method.

Tommy Tune Awards 2019

I was a school captain for one of the top 8 schools at the Tommy Tune Awards. I escorted their ensemble through the "machine" of the awards by making sure they all always knew where they needed to be and where they were going next.


Billy Dragoo - 
Program Management Workshop

Billy Dragoo presented how he and Annie Dragoo have built and maintained their theatre program, as well as tips and suggestions on how to build our own program when entering a school.


TxETA TheatreFest -
Kevin Rigdon, Less Is More

Kevin Rigdon presented on how to create an efficient design for a production, as well as his own design process, and how he goes through and strips away unnecessary elements until an optimal design is left.


Paul Davis - HSPVA
Portfolio Masterclass

Paul Davis and some of his advanced students presented on how to cultivate and create a portfolio that accurately represents growth and mastery.

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