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Texas Thespians 2021
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Lantrip 2018-19

Courtney Neuwirth

Welcome to my teaching portfolio!

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About Me

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but have moved around many times over the years, even previously to Houston, and I currently live in Wylie, Texas. I also have a cat that I love but who can drive me crazy at times. The way I like to relax is by reading, baking, and listening to music (I'm always listening to music). I was introduced to theatre in the seventh grade and have loved it ever since. I have always known I wanted to go into teaching, and my love of the theatre made it an easy decision to pursue theatre education. I am excited about my next steps as a theatre teacher!

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Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a teacher is to create an environment that is beneficial for students to learn collaboration and grow as students and humans. I want to facilitate a classroom that is open and engages with all aspects of the student’s community and experiences. I plan to provide every opportunity for my students to learn skills applicable on the stage, in their personal lives, and other career paths. I want to also create a safe space for students to be themselves in, without fear of rejection or ridicule. Overall, I would want to leave my students with the knowledge that what they learn in my classroom - both academically and socially - is applicable in every aspect of their lives and that they would be better equipped for their future because of it.

Home: About Me

“You have the right and the responsibility to bring to the stage who you are. Your humanity is an absolutely vital contribution to any play you act in.”

A Practical Handbook for the Actor

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