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Everybody - Poster-2.png
Everybody - Poster-2.png
Everybody - Poster-2.png

Assistant Director

I communicated between the director and stage managers with initial ideas of the director and helped organize initial paperwork ideas for technical scene changes. I also provided ideas during scene work in the rehearsal process and had the opportunity to refine a vignette from the play.

Big Fish
Stage Manager

As a college intern, I assisted in the organization of 60 campers and interns over 4 weeks and 4 performances. I took detailed notes each day to communicate with heads of the production and the interns. I also called and ran 4 performances of the full-length musical, Big Fish.

Everybody - A Radio PlayDirector

I cut, directed, and produced a one-act version of Everybody as the final project in my Directing II class. I worked virtually over Zoom and with the program Zencastr to work with my actors in a COVID-19 safe environment.

flea image 1.JPG

Cutlass - An Original Work
Actor - Jule

I originated the role of Jule in this production that was written, produced, and directed by a fellow senior BFA Theatre Education major as a part of her Theatre Education Internship. 

Old Black and White in Hollywood
Sound Operator

I operated the manual soundboard for the actor's microphone, as well as QLab for sound cues used in this production. During tech, I assisted in setting up and tearing down the soundboard from the studio space that doubled as a classroom.

A Flea In Her Ear
Light Board Operator

I ran the NEO console light board and conducted pre-show light crew responsibilities for the run of the show. During tech, I helped program light cues and set up cue times to synchronize with the stage manager's call book.

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